Cover Your Cane

With CaneWraps

What are CaneWraps?

CaneWraps are accessories for your cane to match any outfit. Classic prints, bold colors and beautiful styles.

Classic Prints

Bold Colors

Beautiful Design

Member of AGENCY

AGENCY is a vibrant ‘concentrator’ of innovators and influencers with a shared mission to improve the aging journey for all. 

Wrap Your Cane to Match Your Style.

Sweetmobility’s first product, CaneWraps, is a product set to help people who want to stay active and be seen as an individual. Stephen and Charlotte to discuss this new product!

End Well Innovation Challenge

Sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs and WIred Magazine, Sweetmobility was selected as a top 7 semi-finalist in a nation-wide design and innovation challenge.  

What People are Saying

"Ta Dah...Here it is!"

“For 3 years I have been searching for an item like this and trying to figure out how to make one and…ta dah… here it is. I use a black cane. My entire house is furnished with dark antique furniture with a lot of vertical lines. I am still getting used to a cane and am constantly losing it. Several times it has taken both my husband and me to locate ‘lost’ cane. The black cane blends right into decor. I wanted something psychedelic so it would stand out and be visible.”

Jenny – 2020 – The Grommet

"Revolutionizing the Mobility Cane"

Sweetmobility is revolutionizing the mobility cane — a product that’s been stuck for decades!

As a product design experience and accessibility expert, I find Sweetmobility’s CaneWraps to be a well designed and easy to use product for anyone using a mobility cane. CaneWarps solve the existential problem – the stigma and embarrassment that often comes with using a cane. CaneWraps offer a way to stylize and personalize your mobility cane.They’re beautiful, durable and affordable. CaneWraps are made to complement your style and personality and independence.

Fernando Albertorio – 20120 – Co-Founder, SUNU

"Makes me feel seen."

“I often go walking before the morning light and really like that it is reflective! I have been using it everywhere!

It’s a the top and the bottom of the wrap – so when I cross streets they can see me!

Patricia – 2018 – Retired M.I.T. Professor

"Simple to put on & it's washable!"

“The selection of wraps were delightful. I chose the brightest one I could find (have more on wish list). I may still lose the cane, but we can now see it. It has been wonderful. I plan to show off and tell about my cane wrap whenever interest is shown. I would think senior citizens, doctors and hospitals would be a great market. The wrap is extremely simple to put on cane, and it is washable.

Wonder why someone hasn’t created this item before?

All us cane users thank you!”

Barbara – 2020 – Miami

"What do I get for Grandma?"

I usually don’t write reviews, but this one was a must.

The wrap was super easy to put on, felt like it was made of very high quality materials  and the reflective accents really do seem to make the cane safer at night. Best of all, it landed really well as a gift–it’s fun, bright, and has a genuine purpose. My grandma loved the bright bubble colored one, and said that it looked like it came from an art museum gift store! I would definitely consider purchasing another and the ones they have are really cool.

Overall though I really love the wrap. It has made a difficult gift-giving experience (what do I get for grandma? for grandpa?) into a positive one. A+.”

                                                              Chris – 2019 – Law Student

"CaneWraps Spark Joy!"

 “Visitors to AGENCY are delighted to see SweetMobility’s brightly colored display of fashionable, and functional, accessories for canes and walkers.  CaneWraps help users exude confidence and send a strong signal that age and functional ability are to be celebrated, not hidden.

As a company, SweetMobility is poised to grow as more and more people demand products that fill their lives with choice, dignity, and vitality as they age.”

Danielle Duplin – 2020 – Co-Founder, AGENCY


“That’s what my brother said when I gave him a CaneWrap. After using it for a few weeks, he has found that people smile and focus on the “wrap” and not the need for the cane!

This makes a great gift!”

Robin – 2019 – Marketing Executive – Boston